Worried about rising energy bills?

Help is at hand


Read your meter or smart meter display regularly and check

your bills to make sure you know how much energy you’re using

and that you are paying the right amount.

Talk to your supplier or local Citizens Advice if you think your

bill is wrong or have problems paying. You could be entitled to

benefits or support to pay your bill.


You could save around £300 by switching energy supplier

or changing tariff. Take control and visit

to compare energy prices.

You can switch even if you owe up to £500 per fuel if you use

a prepayment meter. If you pay for your energy through a credit

meter and have problems switching due to fuel debts, Citizens

Advice can help you to negotiate with your supplier.


Make your home energy efficient – insulate lofts and walls,

double glaze or use thick curtains to keep the heat in, and get

your boiler serviced or replaced to make sure it’s energy efficient.

There are schemes to help with this.

Save money and energy – Don’t leave appliances on standby,

always turn off the light when you leave a room and don’t overfill l

your kettle, only boil the amount of water you need for a cup of tea.

Find out how to get lower energy bills and a more comfortable

home with the Energy Saving Trust’s Home Energy Check at

For more information, visit

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