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Dementia Friendly Hartlepool


Dementia Friendly Hartlepool aims to develop Hartlepool as a nationally recognised dementia friendly community. We want to ensure that people living with dementia are able to remain active and involved in their communities. Our work will help the local community be aware of and understand more about dementia. People living with dementia and their carers will be able to live life well and able to seek the help and support they need.

It's important that people living with dementia are understood when they use their local community facilities. Whether you are a shop, cafe, gym, knitting club, bank, in fact anywhere people go, can be dementia friendly. Dementia Friends is an Alzheimer's Society led initiative. It aims to increase dementia awareness and change the way the nation thinks, talks and acts about dementia and is part of the Prime Minister's Challenge on Dementia

If you would like any more information then please visit www.hartlepoolnow.com/DFHpool

You can also follow Dementia Friendly Hartlepool on Facebook @DementiaFriendly Hartlepool or tweet on Twitter using #DFHpool