Scam Awareness

Citizens Advice central office in London, has been working closely with the Consumer Protection Partnership on the organisation of Scam Awareness Month, held in July 2016 and around the education of consumers surrounding scams and prioritising work in arrears that cause most harm to consumers.

Scams aren't a minor inconvenience: they cause distress and misery, they ruin lives in some cases and, even where the losses are comparatively low, they lead to a widespread loss of consumer confidence.

Here you can find our latest work that has been done nationally and locally around Hartlepool.

There is a download link to the left, full of printable resources that we hope you will find useful. Our aim is to help you become more #scamaware, while giving practical help and support should you become a victim of fraud.

Should you have any questions or need advice on dealing with scams or if you have been scammed then you can call us on 01429 408401 or drop-in at the local office here in Hartlepool - our opening times

Locations throughout

#scamawareness month

These photos are from some of our latest events with our partners - Trading Standards

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