Settlement Agreements

An increasingly common way of resolving workplace disputes between an employer and an employee is by means of a Settlement Agreement.

Before a Settlement Agreement can be legally binding, the employee must have received ‘independent legal advice’ and the independent legal adviser must also sign the agreement in order for it to become legally effective. It is established custom and practice, given the importance to the employee of receiving advice on the proposed agreement, for the employer to make a financial contribution towards an employee’s costs of obtaining this advice.

Citizens Advice Hartlepool has a deserved reputation for giving professional and tailored Employment Law advice to employees and the organisation is also authorised by Citizens Advice to assist with the brokering of Settlements Agreements. The organisation can act as an ‘independent legal adviser’ for the purposes of concluding a settlement agreement.

What to do

If you need advice and assistance with either a draft Settlement Agreement or you are in discussions with your employer, or former employer, about entering into such an agreement, you can contact us to arrange an appointment at the Hartlepool office.

Manager – Joe Michna. Joe has over 31 years experience of giving Employment Law advice to employees.

How to contact Joe

Tel - 01429 268244

Email - manager@hartlepool.cabnet.org.uk - Use of this e-mail address is ONLY for the purposes of seeking advice and assistance with Settlement Agreements and to arrange an appointment.

Joe Michna - Manager & Employment Law Caseworker

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